Why JWT Financial

We operate independently from lenders, evaluate your financial situation and identify your loan requirements

What We Do For You:

  • Find the right loan for you with competitive interest rates.
  • Calculate your exact borrowings & repayments
  • Provide you with checklist for loan application
  • Explain all fees and charges
  • Show you ways to save money and provide explanation of offset account.
  • Explain Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Discuss your┬áInsurance┬áneeds
  • Answer any of your questions

Besides assisting you in your search for a suitable home loan, we also guides you through the application process.

Our 7 Steps Are:

1. Identify the lenders that may approve your loan.
2. Assess your total borrowing capacity.
3. Help select the most suitable loan structure that meets your objectives
4. Complete all loan application documents including First Home Owner Grant Application Form.
5. Submit the loan application to the appropriate lender for approval.
6. Notify you as soon as your loan has been approved.
7. Be available to assist in executing the mortgage documents.

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